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November 8, 2020

Number of Subscribers vs Actual Results

A lot of marketers, especially when they are new, just want to get as many people on their list as possible. And a lot of times they buy solo ads or do some kind of shady list "swapping" deals, and they wind up with a random, untargeted list.

But they should really be focused on building a more targeted list, because a targeted and engaged list is far more valuable. The number of subscribers you have doesn't necessarily matter. A list of a few thousand on a very specific topic can very profitable. Depends on th topic and the marketer...

The reason why an email subscriber list converts well is all about the know, like, trust factor. It will convert better because the people on the list are all interested in a specific topic, and they trust the person sending them the emails to deliver the goods on that topic.

The "Know, Like & Trust" Factor

By now, I'm sure you've heard term "know, like and trust" factor as the thing we try to achieve with our lists. People just want someone they can look to for information... someone they feel they can trust. It really all has to do with their perceptions. 

Even if they don't like you that much, they still might think you know what you're talking about. So they still might listen to you and follow your recommendations.

Other subscribers might buy stuff just because they do like you and they like getting your emails. Lists as small as 1000-1500 (and even smaller depending on the niche) can generate enough money for you to make a decent living.

And it's really not that hard to build those small, laser-targeted lists.

Build a Targeted List

The real way to succeed is to build a targeted list. Instead of worrying about how many people you have on your list you want to build a list full of people who are interested in a specific topic that you can deliver on.

That is the real truth about finding success online. 

It's all about gathering a targeted audience and getting them onto your list. You may eventually build a big list, but you can make money from smaller lists as long as the subscribers are into a really specific topic. And then your list will grow to be a big targeted list.

You can better target your audience with a great freebie, lead magnet or entry level product that is only appealing to your perfect ideal audience member. It's actually better to be a little more exclusive, even if it takes longer to grow your list. You'll be assured that your subscribers are highly targeted list members.

Your Media Channel Flow

It's a good idea to get subscribers connected to you on your social media channels and have your network all linked together. If you can your audience engaging with you on whatever social media you use, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or whatever you use, if you can get them connected with you there as well, then they're going to be more responsive as a subscriber.

Nurturing Your List

When you build a targeted list, you can start getting results right from the beginning, while your list is small, if you feed them some good content nuggets. Write a good follow-up series, start to segment subscribers based on their behavior, and pitch them awesome products and services. Educate them, inform them, and don't forget to show them who you are. Doing those things should help get the results you want.

Being More Engaging To Your List

We can send teachy, preachy messages and promotions all day long (I don't suggest doing that, btw), but it's more effective to just be more personal to your list.

Ok, so how exactly do you do that?

Well, you don't need to be the biggest "expert authority  in the world" on your topic... 

You just need to be personally engaged with your list. You can do a quick livestream and send them an invite. Or you can simply tell them about your new blog post or video... Or ask them to respond to a question or a poll on their opinion about a niche relevant topic. 

And the more you can get your audience to click through, respond and engage, the higher your open rate will become, and the more responsive your list will be.

It's always best to focus on getting the most targeted subscribers when you build your list. Understand who your ideal audience is, and figure out where to find them online.

Then create the type of content they would like. Put together a lead magnet on a specific topic in your niche that you know will attract many of them to sign up to your list.

After that, promote your lead magnet anywhere and everywhere you think your target audience is hanging around online.

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