November 10, 2020

My Sqribble Review

I love when I discover a really cool and fun app that can also be used to make money with...

Sqribble is a cloud-based eBook creator tool that helps create ebooks and reports fast, if you want to build an email list or sell ebooks online.

Because making good ebooks that are also good looking is harder and more time consuming than it seems. Sqribble is a relatively quick and easy solution.

One of the main downsides to Sqribble is that you may need to tinker with it a bit to get used to how it works, but that's like any other ebook creator I've ever used. They all seem a bit clunky in my opinion.

But other than that, it's a pretty cool software with some pretty cool features:

For instance, Sqribble will automatically fill your ebook with expert content, so you don’t have to do any writing yourself if you don't want to.

There are a few different options for the source of the content. You can pull content from any URL, or you can copy and paste content directly into Sqribble. You can also Upload content from a Word doc or you can use content from a library of niche articles built into Sqribble .

This is a HUGE time saver and a major plus for anyone who hates writing or doesn’t have time to do it.

You can just enter a URL and Sqribble will extract the content from that URL and format it all into an ebook - which is really convenient. And then if you want to, you can go in and make edits or reword parts of it into your own voice.

Another way to add content is to grab articles from the built-in Sqribble content engine. There are over 1000 niche relevant articles you can use, and then literally just push a button, and your ebook is created.

You can also create professional quality ebook covers really quick and easy. A lot of ebook tools have ecover makers, but the covers they make are usually not that great. But Sqribble generates some nice quality ecovers that would look fine on Kindle or Amazon. They look very professional and authoritative.

Sqribble works great to create lead magnets, Kindle books or if you want to create and sell ebooks.

If you’re looking to create additional income, you can definitely use Sqribble to offer eBook creation services.

And this is actually one of the best parts of Sqribble and makes it perfect for freelancers

Because Sqribble actually comes with a ready-made, done-for-you agency website
with a completely pre-filled portfolio that you can use on your own domain and have instant credibility and authority,
and have samples for potential clients to look at, so you can get more ebook orders.

This is a pretty awesome feature, since a Professional looking website like this would cost at least $500 to have made for you and building it out yourself would obviously take a lot of time and effort.

But they include the done-for-you-portfolio site so you can just go to Fiverr, set up a gig and start making money right away.

Also included is a built-in "Client feedback tool" that makes it easy to work with clients on eBook projects. So that's a really cool feature that shows that they listened to what freelancers and marketers wanted.

So How Does Sqribble Work?

You make an ebook in Sqribble in 3 steps...

Step 1 is Choose a Template
You can choose from 50 templates across 15 of the most common niches.

Plus you can make changes to the templates so they'll work in other niches.

Each template comes completely formatted with a table of contents
and professionally designed page layouts that look very professional.

Step 2 is to Add the Content
There are 3 different ways you can add content...
You can create your own content for the ebook and then just upload the word document or copy and paste into Sqribble,

and then Sqribble takes the content and formats it into an ebook or report.

You can also enter a URL and Sqribble will extract the content from the URL and format into an ebook. You might need to go in and do a little editing, and it does take a little getting used to, and it can actually be a little frustrating at times trying to get things how you want, but compared to other ebook creator software, it's not that bad. They're all a bit clunky like that in my opinion and you just need to get used to working with it. So it’s a little bit of a drawback with Sqribble, that it does take some getting used to working with it.

The third way to add content to a Sqribble ebook is to choose from over 1000 niche relevant articles in the Sqribble content engine. Then you can literally push a button, and your ebook is created.

Step 3 is to Customize and Publish
Each template is customizable, so you can change whatever you want.
And then you click the generate button and Sqribble produces a really nice looking ebook.

So a really cool feature is that Sqribble comes with its own content library filled with niche relevant articles that you can use to instantly create an ebook for your niche.

You could also just enter a URL, and Sqribble will extract the content from the URL and format it into an ebook.

You can also create your own content, if you prefer, and either copy and paste it into Sqribble, or upload a word document and Sqribble will do the rest.

The Sqribble dashboard and interface are really simple and user friendly

Everything is simple to operate


And there are also training videos that cover using all the features and publishing your ebooks.

Plus some other really cool training on the
Client Dashboard, Feedback & Publishing Tutorial
Training on eBook Strategies
How To Create eBook Chapters Fast
And an Auto Job-Finder Masterclass tutorial that shows how to start making money with Sqribble right away.

There's over 5 hours of instruction in how to create ebooks 
and how to use them to make money in your business.

Then there's another feature where you can actually
unlock more ebook templates by leaving a testimonial about Sqribble.

If you provide a written testimonial, it unlocks 4 new templates.

If you provide a video testimonial, it unlocks 10 new templates!

And it's pretty cool because you can actually add a link in the description of your video testimonial to your YouTube channel, or wherever you want to drive traffic to and you can actually start getting visitor traffic from your testsimonial.

So the biggest drawbacks to Sqribble we found are that
It can be tricky to work with and get everything formatted how you want.
You need to purchase an upsell to get the 3D cover maker
You need to purchase the upsell to get some of the best templates 

What's Good About Sqribble:

Sqribble can create a high quality ebook in minutes.

It has a super easy to use dashboard and the software is really easy to use.

It's great for creating lead magnets to build an email list, or for creating bonuses to help you promote an affiliate offer.

And Last we checked, there were 4 upsells. And you don’t need them to use Sqribble, but they would be pretty useful depending on what you want to do with it.

Upsell 1 is called Sqribble professional which unlocks 150 more professional eBook templates, graphics and even more ready-made content for all kinds of niches. 

And it does look like these are the best ones and that they saved them for the upsell, so you might count that as a little bit of a draw back too. That they did that, but the templates in the upsell are a bit nicer looking.

Upsell 2 is Sqribble Prime where you get 15 premium "limited edition" new eBook templates added to your Sqribble dashboard every month which is good if you're going to be doing Fiverr gigs.

Upsell 3 is Sqribble "Fantasia 3D" which unlocks the 3D cover creation tool inside your dashboard so you can turn flat, 2D image covers into cool looking 3d covers. It also allows you to create “Flipbooks” that turn your eBooks into interactive and animated pages that turn like in real life. 

Upsell 4 is the Auto Job Finder software that automatically finds you related jobs across various freelance websites and notifies you so that you can get more ebook gigs.

So, in Conclusion, We've used lots of ebook creator tools in the past, but so far Sqribble has the best features and smoothest performance overall. Sqribble is cloud-based so you can work on projects from anywhere in the world. Plus you can use it to earn money with.

The templates are look great, the layouts are professional and the fact you can automatically add content makes this a must-have for anyone who’s tired of spending hours on book design, writing content and messing with formatting.

They also include a commercial license, which vendors usually charge extra for, so it’s a nice value-added bonus. The additional provided done-for-you agency website is just over delivery.

Sqribble has been developed by Adeel Chowdhry, a well-known entrepreneur with over ten years of experience. He previously created a worldwide hit with his ecover creator app Pixel Studio FX, which sold tens of thousands of units all around the world. He’s known for creating high-quality professional solutions and Sqribble is a high quality app.

So if you're looking for a fast, easy way to create a great looking ebooks or Kindle books, then Sqribble is a good choice.

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