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November 26, 2020

How To Test and Tweak Your Opt-In Pages

Most autoresponders these days, as well as Google Analytics, have analytics and stats you can use to test and tweak your landing pages to find the best results.

The best way to test is to do a split test between two similar landing pages. This is also called A/B testing. Essentially, it means you test one against another. A against B, for example, when B has just one small thing changed compared to A otherwise they’re identical.

Your opt-in pages are where visitors sign up to your list, so it's important to get them optimized so they perform the best. There are different elements to test. Here are the most important elements to test on your landing pages.

Your Call To Action (CTA)

Your calls to action are very important. If you have too many CTAs, it can confuse your audience, and the wind up not doing anything. And if your CTA is not clear, your visitors won't do what you want them to do.

But most of the time they actually WILL do what you tell them to do in a nice, clear call to action...

For example, you may have a CTA on your opt-in page to sign up to your list. The call to action should be something that makes your audience to want to sign up.

So, instead of saying something like, "Sign up" on the form, why not say something else like, "Yes! I Want to Make More Money Now!" Then make a second one, (B) with a different CTA. Run both to find out which one gets the best response.

Some other common Calls To Action are:
Visit our website…
Call us on…
Subscribe to our newsletter
Add to basket

Your Landing Page

While you may not think that the landing page is important when it comes to opt-ins, it is. If the landing page isn’t speaking to your audience in the way they need to hear from you then they’re not going to opt in. Make it clear what they’re supposed to do.

For example, when your audience clicks through to your website to opt-in to something be it get a free report, check list, or sign up for a webinar how the landing page looks is important. The best way to ensure that everything looks professional is to use software like Leadpages, Convertkit, or Clickfunnels.com to create a professional looking landing page and opt-in form.

Form Placement 

It's important to have sign-up forms strategically placed around your site for maximum results. You can look at the stats collected regarding the forms that you set up to find out which one is working best. If some aren’t performing you can remove them or tweak them to improve them by using A / B testing.

In general, it's a good idea to put sign up forms in the sidebar of a blog, at the beginning or end of a blog posts and in exit pop-ups. Or you can use text links and buttons to link to your opt-in page.

For the call to action before a form, I typically tell visitors to enter their email address and then I say what will happen after like, "enter your email address and the content will be delivered to your inbox right away". I usually keep that the same.

Page Design

The layout of your opt-in page will be different for some niches. Sometimes the niche audience may be used to seeing a certain type of opt-in page that feel comfortable to them. That’s why it’s important to know your audience. The colors on the page and how it looks overall may make a big difference to opt-in rates for different niches. Look at what your biggest competitors are doing. They've already spent loads figuring out what works. A lot of times, you can just follow their lead.

Conducting split tests will give you the data that you need to determine what works best for your audience. Each time you run a campaign you'll be able to improve over the time before because of the split testing that you do.

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