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November 30, 2020

How To Pick The Best Affiliate Offers To Promote

Creating your own product should definitely be a goal for you, but you can still make plenty of money as an affiliate recommending quality products to your email list.

That way you can focus on creating new products just a few times a year, while you focus on finding products that have already been created the rest of the time. The trick is finding quality products and services to promote.

Get to Know the Creator

When you decide to be an affiliate for someone it should come after some thought and consideration. Is the creator an honest, high-quality person? Do you trust them to take care of your audience members? It's even better if you actually use the product or service yourself and like it.

Make Sure It's a Good Fit

All the products you promote need to be right for your list. No matter how good of a deal it is, if it's not the right type of product for your list, then it's not the right offer. Look at your audience avatar and ask yourself how well this product solves any of their main pain points. If it does, and you are sure of the quality, then you can promote it with good intentions.

Test the Product Before You Promote It

If you know the product creator pretty well and have used their products, then you already know they put out high quality stuff. But normally, it's a good idea to test the product before promoting it.

That way you know what the purchasing process feels like, how many upsells they are pushing, and how their email list works in terms of being a member of their list. This will let you know if it's a list you want your audience on. Make sure you take screenshots as you go through their sales funnel and upsell offers.

Research Your List

Ask your list about the topic to find out if they would even be interested in that type of offer. Just ask your list questions about the problem that the product solves. Start teaching them about that problem and then start promoting the offer if it seems ok.

Cycle Through Offers

It's not a good idea to bombard your list with affiliate offers. A good way to think of it is to inform, engage, motivate, and promote. Do promotional emails about 25% of the time and the rest of the time be engaging, informative, and motivational. That will give it a good balance and not seem like too many promotions.

Don't Let Them Forget About You

You can build up a rhythm or a pattern to how you promote to your list. As long as the content you provide them is helpful, and the products you promote are on target for your list, then you shouldn't be afraid to promote.

The worst thing is to let them forget why they signed up to your email list, because then they might think your emails are spam when they're not.

Quick Note:

You can add a line in the footer your emails that reminds subscribers why they signed up to your list.

Most autoresponders also have a little dynamic short-code you can paste in that tells your subscriber the exact date they signed up, so they know for sure it's not spam, and that they actually did sign up to your list. That's really cool!

Add Your Own Bonuses To The Affiliate Offer

It's always a great idea to add some nice bonuses to affiliate offer to sweeten the pot. You can even create a separate page for it that goes over and explains what you're giving away as your affiliate bonuses. Done-for-you services or products that you've created will make the affiliate offer even more enticing to your subscribers.

There's also lots of high quality Private Label Rights (PLR) content you can get and use as bonuses. That's really easy to do.

If you have a targeted email list, then you don't always have to create a new product to offer your list. You can find quality products that work for your niche that other people have created to promote earning a percentage of sales as an affiliate.

This can add a substantial amount of income to your bottom-line - maybe even mare than you earn from your main product.

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