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Here's What's Included in This Step-By-Step Video Training Course:

Video 1: Introduction

Discover the simple steps to how you can find the right people to be on your list, what to offer them, and how to build a the right relationship with your list.

Video 2: Brand Yourself

Is it better to brand yourself, or a company or a product? This video goes over the best way to handle your branding for list building.

Video 3: Define Your Audience

Figuring out how to target the right audience is half the battle... Learn how to find just the right people to show your offers to for the best results.

Video 4: Understand Your Customers' Biggest Challenge

How to uncover all your prospects most sensitive pain points. This is the best way to get the attention of your target audience and have them listening to you.

Video 5 : How To Consistently Create Valuable Content

Here's how you can know all the best topics your niche audience wants to know about, and how to create all the content they will love

Video 6 : Win Them Over And Provide The Perfect Solution

How to pivot from providing them with the perfect content, to offering them the perfect solution in the form of paid products or services.

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