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November 5, 2020

How To Build A More Responsive Email List

Email marketing is pretty straightforward, but there are some less obvious ways to approach it that can make a big difference.

Here are a few things to ponder...

1) More Exposure and Traffic 

If your list is responsive to your emails, you can direct them to wherever you want. You can link to your blog posts to get them going back to your website, for instance. And if you're consistent and provide value to your audience, they’ll be ok with spending time on your site.

Or you can link to your social media, and get them into your Facebook groups... You can even segment them further by linking to an opt-in offer for a related sub-topic.

One thing to remember about traffic is that all traffic is not created equally. You want to bring targeted traffic to your list... and by "targeted" we mean visitors who are interested in your specific niche and topic.

And usually we bribe visitors to join our list using lead magnets and freebies that only our target audience would want. Usually, but there are other ways to get visitors onto your list besides using lead magnet bribes.

2) Getting Better Conversions

But usually, we all use some type of lead magnet as bait to get people onto our list. After all, it does work and it automatically filters the crowd so only the truly interested will sign up for your lead magnet. The more truly targeted your subscribers are, the higher your conversions for sales will become.

And if you know what's going on in the niche, then you know what they want and it's not that hard to create something informative that you know they would sign up to get. So you just need to know the niche and understand who your audience is, and who you're trying to get to sign up for your list. 

To get them to sign up, you can try different things. You might find exit intent popups on your site get your audience’s attention. Or maybe a 'hello' bar works better.

You may want to try out different approaches over time to find out what works best with your audience. Each audience is particular about how they like things and testing will get you to where you want to go. 

3) Increased Engagement and Open Rates 

After you get subscribers on your list, obviously, you'll want them to open your emails... and be responsive... and click the links... and hopefully buy something you can earn revenue from, right?

The best way to do that is to be consistent, provide value, and give them what they want. Basically, you want to understand the niche, know their problems and provide solutions consistently, over time.

When you can solve problems for your audience you’ll convert at a much higher rate than if you’re just pitching products at them. You want to get that, "wow they read my mind, I need this now" effect when they read your emails.

To accomplish this, you need to get your email list subscribers to open your emails from the get-go. Make your welcome message interesting and compelling.

Let them know what your deal is, and what they should expect from you going forward. And then stick to whatever you just told them. It's important to be really consistent with your persona, your marketing message and your content output - and content includes emails... it's all kind of connected

It all starts with your welcome message and it continues over time with each additional message that you send to your list.  After that, you can mix it up with different types of emails. You can send them informative/how-to types emails, emails that drive engagement, survey emails that ask a question, inspirational messages, your storyline...

It's always best to be sincere and provide useful information. That way, your subscribers will act on your calls to action and happily click the links.

If you want to have a responsive email subscriber list, it's really important to get the right people on your list... and then engage with them consistently with the right type of content they want.

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