November 8, 2020

How Targeted Is Your List?

How do you identify your target audience?

How do you attract them to sign up for your list?

And how do you engage with them?

You only want the right people on your list,

Only the people who are truly interested in that niche topic...

Know Your Audience

I know I sound like broken record when I say this, but you have to know who your audience is. If you're not sure right now who your audience is, it's important to figure that out. You should be able to create an audience avatar that you can use to remind yourself of who you are talking to in your emails and marketing messages. That will help you be more targeted in what you create and in who you attract.

If you know your topic well, you probably already have a good idea of who your target audience would be, and then later as you get some hard data and analytics, you can begin to really dial it in.

Know Your Customer

What you really want to know about is who is buying. It's the people purchase from you that you want get to know more. When you know your customer, and why they purchased, it'll help you better target your audience because you're going to get a bigger picture of the type of people who need and want your products or services.

Over time, as you get more customers your audience avatar should represent your ideal customer. Then you'll know exactly the type of people you're going after and what other things they tend to like. That way you can start finding your ideal customers by looking in areas outside of your niche.

Approaching Your Audience

It makes it easier to approach your audience and ideal customer when you know about what they like and what they want. When you know they like, you'll have a better idea of where they hang out, what they do in their spare time, and it even shows you what some of their problems are.

You can use that information to craft the right messages on all platforms that your audience will respond to whether it's in a Facebook group or an email or wherever you get to engage with them.

Segment Your List

There are different ways to think about your email list because you can segment it in different ways, depending on what makes the most sense for your business.

You should at least put customers on a 'customer' list and keep your leads (audience) on your 'leads' list. The leads list that you pile new fresh leads into needs to be cleaned more often to weed out the fake emails and spam traps, while the customer list probably contains more reliable email addresses.

As you develop more lead magnets, more products, and more services, you can more segment people automatically using your autoresponder, according to their actions/behaviors or by assigning tags.

Engage Your List

But above everything else, the most important thing is to craft messages that will keep them engaged. It starts with your welcome message and it doesn't end. Even if they buy a product or service from you, your relationship should continue, just in a different way.

If they buy something, put them on a buyers list and show them better offers and give them more advanced info. You can even reactivate a list with the right messages.

If you're not sure if your list is targeted or not, write an email offering a freebie that you think they'd all like. If they click through, then you can move them to a new segment of your list as active responders who act.

The people who don't act may not be your people...  and that's okay. It's not a bad thing to drop them from your list if they are not active for a long time. You can either clean them from your list or just clean the ones that never open after a while.

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