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November 26, 2020

Give Them Lots of Opportunities to Sign Up

An opt-in form is the part of an opt in page where they enter their name and email address and the button. The form part can stand on its own, or be located on an opt in page.

If you really want to be successful building your list, it's good to have opt-in forms strategically placed around your site - like in the sidebar or at the beginning / end of blog posts. And you can also set up opt-in landing pages.

Opt-in Form vs. Opt-in Page

An opt-in form is an online form that allows your audience to enter their information to receive the emailed information you’ve promised. An opt in page is a landing page that has more information on it, plus an opt-in form that enables audience members to sign up in the same way but with more information given first before they sign up.

You don’t have to concern yourself with an either-or proposition here because you need both to give your audience the best opportunity to learn more about you and take your offer. Since an opt-in page is just another word for a landing page with a call to action (which all landing pages should have, right?), it's important to know when you need a page vs. a form and why you should have both for every single offer that you have including your freebies and newsletter opt-ins.

Let’s Define Each

Opt-in Form: This is a popup, slide, side bar, under blog post form – Think of it as an opt-in box with a headline/CTA and form that you can place on your site where ever you want. You can use your email marketing autoresponder software to create the form, but most page builder plugins can connect / integrate with lots of different autoresponders. I connect my autoresponder to Thrive Themes and it integrates seamlessly. That way I can just drag and drop forms and connect them with a couple clicks. In most page builders there's usually a way to save them as templates, so you can save them to add onto other landing pages.

Opt-in Page: This is a landing page that has an opt-in form located within it. They are used for lead generation. It’s a destination page designed to elicit a specific response from the visitor such as to sign up for your webinar, freebie, book, event, or newsletter... whatever you're offering. You can use software to create opt-in pages such as Convertkit, Optin-Monster or Thrive Leads or you can build your own opt-in pages.

Opt-in Form

  • Above the fold on your website
  • Pop up to gather webinar sign ups
  • Slide to promote a free checklist related to the content on page
  • Overlay to inform visitors of your email list or newsletter
  • Pop up to grab attention as visitor leaves site
  • Below blog post to offer reminders of more content like this
  • Slide to encourage sign ups to read more wonderful content

Opt-in Page

  • A landing page on your site
  • A landing page to promote your webinar
  • A landing page to promote free checklist
  • A landing page to promote your weekly newsletter
  • A landing page to promote each product you sell/refer
  • A landing page to promote your free content to the world
  • A landing page to promote your exclusive content to the world

You can probably think of more ways to use both. As a marketer, you always need more leads coming onto your list, so you do what you need to as you go along. After a while you get better at setting up opt-in forms and pages

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