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November 29, 2020

Getting Affiliates To Grow Your List

Affiliates are great for promoting products and helping the product creator make a lot more sales. But affiliates are also happy to promote your email list, and build up you customer list as well...

The trick is to have a good paid upsell offer set up and linked to in your opt-in lead magnet freebie. Then offer affiliates a high commission on the upsell, if they'll promote your lead magnet. You can even give them 100 percent commission on the upsell and still get very low cost targeted subscribers through your affiliates' lists.

The Definition of Upselling

Upselling means that you encourage your audience to upgrade to a more expensive version of the initial product or service. The initial product can be either a free or low-cost version, then the paid option is the full-featured version.

Upselling Examples

A good upsell offer example is a free trial for a software app with all the features working, then when the free trial ends, the user can no longer use some of the functions, so they offer the user a premium upgrade to get the full featured app again.

Or you could have a free training course that upgrades to a coaching offer or a done-for-you service. Those types of offers can do well too as long as the audience is highly targeted.

If you have a decent upsell offer in place - and that can be a training course, coaching, a DFY set-up offer, or whatever that audience would want... you can get affiliates interested in promoting, even your freebie lead magnet opt-in, if they think it's a decent looking upsell offer. If you pay out 100 percent, it will incentivize them to promote even harder, and you'll be more likely to build your list even bigger.

How to Set-Up Your Upsells

To create an upsell it only requires you to add the information to the checkout page so that they can choose to check out or upgrade. Most of your landing page or shopping cart software will easily accommodate up-selling and make it simple for your audience to do.

It's also easy to set up free offers and upsells on WarriorPlus, which will be even more attractive for affiliates who already use WarriorPlus regularly.

Getting Your Affiliates On Board

Market to your affiliates how awesome the offer is, and what they can earn out of it, and they’ll be sure to help you drive traffic to it so that you can build your email list fast. If you have a very targeted offer, and active and enthusiastic affiliates, it’s a winning proposition!

And it doesn’t take much more work to do this for any type of product, service, or freebie to convert more people into becoming members of your email list. Anyone who owns an email list in your niche or industry is a potential affiliate jv.

Anytime you want to build your list bigger, this is a method you can use to leverage affiliates and get them to help you build your list bigger and better. Remember though, it's ALL about your offer. As long as you make it targeted and interesting to the type of people you want on your list, then they will probably love what you are offering.

Just figure out what the people in your niche want, and give it to them. They'll love it, and your affiliates will be stoked to make a few more sales, just from sending emails to their lists. And in the end, you make more sales and grow your customer list! This method alone can help you build a customer list that will earn you income potentially for the rest of your life.

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