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November 29, 2020

Get Your Subscribers To Help Grow Your List

As the saying goes, "Birds of a feather, flock together". Therefore, a great source of new list members are the friends of your existing subscribers. This is a really neat list building method where you leverage your subscribers to help you grow your list. Let’s look at a few ways to help your subscribers, help you, grow your list.

Testimonials – Ask subscribers to provide testimonials that you can put on your website, especially the landing page for your newsletter or email list. That way, people see that their friends are subscribed and love the information they receive, which will encourage them to sign up too.

Referrals – Occasionally you can involve your subscribers in a subscriber drive to help you get more list members. Ask subscribers to share your email list with all their friends and family. You can even give them an affiliate link that will enable them to earn off their referrals’ purchases.

Sharing – Don't discourage anyone from sharing your freebies or emails. In fact, ask them to share them. When you do that, you'll most likely get even more people signing up for your email list because you'll be viewed as generous with your time and knowledge. When a message is good enough to share, rejoice.

Cross Promote – When you create many of your email list messages, you can share the entire message with social media. For example, Aweber actually posts all the emails you send online so that you can share that link with your social media networks. Each share will also give them the opportunity to sign up for your email list.

CTAs – Each piece of content that you create should always have a CTA of some kind. If you ensure that you do that it won’t matter where your messages go or who shares them. If someone wants to subscribe or buy something they can base on that one message that was shared.

Lead Magnets – No matter what, people will share your lead magnets with others. Don't worry about that at all. In fact, encourage readers of your lead magnets to share them with others. You just want to include links back to your site to opt-in to your email list within the lead magnet, so that when your subscribers share, anyone with your lead magnet can sign up for your email list. You can also include links to your products or affiliate offers.

Incentivize Them – Subscribers who engage with you already like you. All you need to do is give them a slight push to encourage them to share your messages, emails, and opt-in offers with their friends and family by asking them to share and praising them for doing so. You can even enroll buyers automatically into an affiliate program so that when they promote even your free items it will trigger them to collect affiliate earnings if the person buys something.

Advertise – Using your email list, you can create look-a-like audiences on Facebook Ads, helping you leverage your existing audience to get more. You can also set up Facebook to target friends and family of your current subscribers to get even more subscribers.

Leveraging your list of subscribers to get more subscribers is one of the best ways to build your list because most people who are friends like the same types of things. While not all of their friends will be your ideal audience, enough of them will be and it is worth it to take the extra effort to attract them.

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Jon Brickley

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