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November 29, 2020

Creating New Lead Magnets And Opt-In Offers

If you are in a profitable niche, and cover a poplar topic that they want to know about, then you should be able to put together a lead magnet on the topic that they would want to sign up to get. And over time, you can create new lead magnets to cover other hot topics in your niche.

Plus, if you cover all the biggest topics in your niche you can get more sign-ups. If you only have one lead magnet, after a while it can become dated. Developing fresh freebies will energize your offers and your visitors excitement to learn more.

Get People Talking – When you create a freebie, it's good to set up some sort of opt-in funnel where you can either sell your product or show them a relevant affiliate offer. Then it becomes a numbers game where you can drive traffic through the funnel and recoup some of your ad cost. You can use social media to create a limited time offer in your niche so that everyone in that audience will want that freebie before it's too late.

Educates Your Audience – A freebie can do more than solving one problem for your ideal audience, it can also educate them about your business in terms of the kind of quality your products have. When all your products, free or not, are well made and valuable it helps them know you’re someone safe to buy from.

Creates a Sticky Environment – If your email list members know that you may be giving away more freebies throughout their time on your list then they'll be more likely to stay on the list and open the messages that you send so that they don’t miss out on a freebie. The longer you can get list members to stick around the more likely they are to convert to customers at some point.

Creates Positive Brand Knowledge – Every freebie you create is another opportunity to pass along information about your brand. The more you can do that, the more your brand will be more quickly recognized by your audience as a positive thing in their lives. Plus, since your freebies are created with the same love and care that your paid products are they know what to expect from you.

Encourages Converting – When your lead magnets are high quality and truly answer a problem for your audience it encourages them to purchase what you’re offering. 

Once they've gone through the process of getting your lead magnet and saw that it was quality info, it becomes easier for them to go through that process again, but this time to make a purchase. There is some trust there by then. A high quality lead magnet can also encourage subscribers to click through the links to affiliate offers and view them with an open mind.

Makes Customers Happy – Freebies make people happy. The more content you can give your audience for free, the happier they're going to be. The more positive they'll portray you to others, and the more likely they are to be satisfied as paying customers and buy more from you.

Freebies and high quality lead magnets are a great way to attract new list members, and also to reactivate your current list members. When they see something new and different, it can really inspire them toward acting and converting.

Anytime your list becomes inactive and non-responsive you should be launching a new freebie of some kind such as a live event, webinar, report, checklist or something that will get them acting and talking positive about you again.

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Jon Brickley

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